Adam Tussey

Adam Tussey
Operations Manager

Equipped with 26 years of experience with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers trade, specifically working under the Boilermakers NTD agreements, which cover all aspects of repairing storage tanks, including airlifting/hover of storage tanks, as well as API 650/653 new construction and repair and maintenance of storage tanks.

  • One of the top contractor representatives/liaisons for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers NTD

  • Certified Pennsylvania DEP Aboveground Storage Tank Installer, API TES Certified

  • Over 10 years of experience that commenced as a construction Boilmaker

  • Oversees at NDE of site construction

  • Oversees and implementation of QA Manual, WPS, WPQ

  • Qualified API-653 Inspector, NACE-CIP, AWS-CW1, API-510, API-TES

  • Project Management Support

Trevor Edgar

Trevor Edgar
QA/QC Manager - PM-1

Shawn Gochenour

Shawn Gochenour
Equipment Manager

Asset & Equipment Manager with over 10 years’ experience with managing tank construction equipment and inventories of tolling and consumables.

  • Mechanical professional capable of repairing generators, mobile equipment, and welding equipment


10559 Geiser Rd.
Holland, OH 43528
(419) 865-4010
(419) 865-4060


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